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ORBIS MOTEL - Orbis S.A. Oddzia MOTEL we WrocawiuORBIS MOTEL - Orbis S.A. Oddzia MOTEL we WrocawiuORBIS MOTEL - Orbis S.A. Oddzia MOTEL we WrocawiuORBIS MOTEL - Orbis S.A. Oddzia MOTEL we Wrocawiu

Phone and address data
Province: dolnolskie
Municipality: Wrocaw
Locality: Wrocaw, 54-132
Commune: Wrocaw
Street: Lotnicza , nr 151
Phone number: +48 (0) 71 351 81 53

European quality, Polish tradition The Orbis Hotels is a group of 27 hotels in 22 Polish cities, situated in mountains, on the seaside, in places attractive to tourists as well as in business centres. Thanks to their diverse offer, they satisfy expectations both of tourists discovering beautiful compartments of our country and people travelling for business. An attractive location is not the only one advantage of The Orbis Hotels. They stand out on the Polish hotel market with comfortable and functional rooms with diverse standard. Moreover, Orbis Hotels have a rich gastronomic offer and a high level of service caring for traditional Polish hospitality. A remarkable part of its hotels are objects of business character, which offer a professional conferences and meetings organization. Hotels located in mountains or on the seaside are excellent places for a family rest. Famous for their excellent cuisine, restaurants in The Orbis Hotels invite you to taste diverse dishes served by their chefs. Cooks improve their culinary skills, supervised by great masters from different parts of the world, most of all during the International Cuisine Days organized in hotels. The Orbis Hotels brand is represented in Poland by: Orbis Magura Bielsko Biaa, Orbis Pod Orem Bydgoszcz, Orbis Halny Cieszyn, Orbis Posejdon Gdask, Orbis Gdynia , Orbis Prosna Kalisz, Orbis Skalny Karpacz, Orbis Silesia Katowice, Orbis Solny Koobrzeg, Orbis Cracovia Krakw, Orbis Francuski Krakw, Orbis Grand d, Orbis Beskid Nowy Scz, Orbis Petropol Pock, Orbis Polonez Pozna, Orbis Aria Sosnowiec, Orbis Arkona Szczecin, Orbis Neptun Szczecin, Orbis Kosmos Toru, Orbis Grand Warszawa, Orbis Vera Warszawa, Orbis Monopol Wrocaw, Orbis Motel Wrocaw, Orbis Wrocaw , Orbis Giewont Zakopane, Orbis Polan Zielona Gra, Orbis Zamojski Zamo

    The standard equipment of rooms:
    - TV-set - Radio - Telephone - Wardrobe - Table - Chairs - Bathroom

    The standard equipment of bathrooms:
    - shower - wash-basin - toilet

    We accept credit cards:
    - Visa International - Master Card - American Express - JCB International - Diners Club - PolCard

    We can speak:
    - English

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