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Novotel - ORBIS S.A. Oddzia Novotel Centrum w GdaskuNovotel - ORBIS S.A. Oddzia Novotel Centrum w GdaskuNovotel - ORBIS S.A. Oddzia Novotel Centrum w GdaskuNovotel - ORBIS S.A. Oddzia Novotel Centrum w GdaskuNovotel - ORBIS S.A. Oddzia Novotel Centrum w Gdasku

Phone and address data
Province: pomorskie
Municipality: Gdask
Locality: Gdask, 80-749
Commune: Gdask
Street: Pszenna , nr 1
Phone number: (0) 58 300 27 50
Fax: (0) 58 300 29 50

Welcome and make yourself at home… The first Novotel was opened in 1967 in France. It was a great revolution in the hotel sector, regarding its novelty in architectural solutions, service as well as gastronomy and prices. Today 370 hotels located in 61 countries all over the world, including 12 hotels in Poland, represent the Novotel brand. A systematically growing number of guests proves the accuracy of the hotel offer. The Novotel chain, where everybody can feel at home, is an ideal place of stay both for business guests as well as whole families. Comfortable, spacious and functional rooms provide excellent environment for work and leisure. Conference rooms equipped with modern equipment guarantee success at meetings, conferences and gatherings. Children are particularly welcome in Novotels which ensure that they have fun on attractive Dolfi playgrounds and offer special Dolfi menus to the youngest guests. Two children under the age of 16 can share the room with their parents or grandparents free of charge. In Novotels meals are served round-the-clock. “The Garden Brasserie” restaurants offer French, Polish and regional cuisine, while bars serve excellent coffee, drinks, deserts and hot appetizers till late hours. The Novotel brand is represented in Poland by: Novotel Airport in Warsaw Novotel Warszawa Centrum Novotel Krakw Bronowice Novotel Krakw Centrum Novotel Gdask Centrum Novotel Gdask Marina Novotel Pozna Centrum Novotel Pozna Malta Novotel Szczecin Novotel Katowice Centrum Novotel Wrocaw Novotel Olsztyn

    The standard equipment of rooms:
    - TV-set - Radio - Telephone - Wardrobe - Table - Chairs - Bathroom

    The standard equipment of bathrooms:
    - shower - wash-basin - toilet

    Bus stop in the locality Gdask - 0.9 mi.
    Railway Station in the locality Gdask - 0.9 mi.
    Taxi rank in the locality Gdask - 0 yds
    Harbour in the locality Gdask - 0.3 mi.

    We accept credit cards:
    - Visa International - Master Card - American Express - JCB International - Diners Club - PolCard

    We can speak:
    - English

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