ďťż Holidays in Poland Hotel ** Rydzewski - Hotel Rydzewski: warmińsko-mazurskie Ełk Ełk
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Hotel ** Rydzewski

Hotel ** Rydzewski - Hotel RydzewskiHotel ** Rydzewski - Hotel RydzewskiHotel ** Rydzewski - Hotel RydzewskiHotel ** Rydzewski - Hotel RydzewskiHotel ** Rydzewski - Hotel Rydzewski

Phone and address data
Province: warmińsko-mazurskie
Municipality: ełcki
Locality: Ełk,
Commune: Ełk
Street: Armii Krajowej , nr 32
e-mail: hotel@rydzewski.pl
Website: http://www.rydzewski.pl/
Phone number: +48 (87) 6218900
Fax: +48 (87) 6218919

"Rydzewski" Hotel is situated in the centre of Elk near a bus terminal and a train station. (PKS and PKP). We provide accommodation in cozy and comfortable rooms for tourists who either aim at recreation or travel in bussiness reasons. Thanks to a long experience we are able to host groups from all parts of the world. We offer to our guests 100 vacancies in 51 single, double or triple rooms. We also have two luxurious appartments. On request we are able to provide an extra-bed. All the rooms have: * cable TV * telephone * bathroom with a shower, handbasin, toilet and hotel accessories. We quarentee you safety and provide all-night ward and a free attended car park. In our restaurant we serve traditional, local and european dishes. For those who like to eat outside we offer an exclusive terraced garden. Thanks to our long experience, possibilities as well as professional and polite staff we are able to organize various cultural and social events: * catering * family events, such as: weddings, first ommunion, christening, names days etc (300 seats,dance floor) * corporate, such as: proms, openings, jubilees, etc * occasional, such as: New Year's Eve, St Andrew's Eve party, Teacher's Day, etc * outdoor such as: grill, fires, etc (We offer a beautifully situated place which is near Elk on Lepaki Lake) We also possess an auditorium which used to be a theatre called "An Eagle". The auditorium is well equipped, there is a stage, and a dressing room for artists. We held many performances there. Among the most famous were a concert of a symphonic orchestra from Germany, performances of individuals such as Marcin Daniec or cabarets such as : "Ciach" and "Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju", as well as organ-loft of "The Higher School of Finances and Management". We offer a large assortment of wines to all dishes that are served in our restaurant.

  • The standard of the accommodation: **.
  • Was renovated in 2000.
  • Can take up to 100 people.
  • Number of rooms: 53.
    • Single: 13
    • Double: 31
    • Triple: 7
    • Suite of rooms 2.


a. Within 20 km radius You will find:
Ełk - jest miastem ekologicznym, położonym na obszarze Zielonych Płuc Polski nad rzeką i jeziorem o tej samej nazwie. To jeden z ostatnich w Europie bastionów nieskażonej przyrody i niezwykłych walorów krajoznawczych. W samym mieście zachwycają secesyjne kamieniczki znajdujące się głównie przy ulicach Armii Krajowej i Kościuszki. Wędrując dalej w stronę jeziora można dotrzeć do ruin zamku krzyżackiego z XIV wieku. Godne uwagi są także: odrestaurowana Wieża Ciśnień oraz kościół pod wezwaniem Najświętszego Serca Jezusowego znajdujący się przy ulicy Wojska Polskiego. Ełcka Kolej Wąskotorowa - przejażdżka Koleją Wąskotorową na trasie Ełk - Sypitki połączona ze zwiedzaniem Muzeum Kolejnictwa i piknikiem. Na zamówienie są realizowane rejsy na dłuższe trasy dla grup zorganizowanych. Spływy kajakowe - rzeka Ełk

The standard equipment of rooms:
- TV-set - Telephone - Wardrobe - Table - Chairs - Bathroom

The suite of rooms has additionally:
- telewizor - Radio - Telephone - Wardrobe - Chairs - Bathroom - Refrigerator - Air conditioning

The standard equipment of bathrooms:
- shower - wash-basin - toilet

On the premises You can also use:
- Terrace - Guarded car-park - grill - Conference room - Bar

Lake 383 yds
Forest 437 yds
Discotheque in the locality Ełk - 219 yds
Pub in the locality Ełk - 437 yds
Cinema in the locality Ełk - 273 yds
Theatre in the locality Ełk - 328 yds
Library in the locality Ełk - 55 yds
Video lending library in the locality Ełk - 328 yds

Hospital in the locality Ełk - 1.2 mi.
Health Centre in the locality Ełk - 273 yds
Emergency Service in the locality Ełk - 1.2 mi.
Pharmacy in the locality Ełk - 87 yds

Bus stop in the locality Ełk - 219 yds
Railway Station in the locality Ełk - 219 yds
Taxi rank in the locality Ełk - 16 yds
Petrol Station in the locality Ełk - 328 yds
Grocer's shop in the locality Ełk - 2 yds
Shopping Centre in the locality Ełk - 55 yds
The Post Office in the locality Ełk - 109 yds
Bank (Cash point) in the locality Ełk - 87 yds
Foreign Exchange Office in the locality Ełk - 77 yds

We accept credit cards:
- Visa International - Master Card - American Express - JCB International - Diners Club - PolCard

We can speak:
- English - German

24 hours for one adult person without board 26.9 GBP

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