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Dworek w lesie

Dworek w lesie -

Phone and address data
Province: pomorskie
Municipality: gdaski
Locality: Mirotki,
Phone number: 604 333 710

Drewniany dworek pooony w uroczym miejscu z dala od siedlisk ludzkich. Teren ogrodzony, tylko i wycznie dla goci. Dom ma wietny klimat, komforotwo wyposazony.

  • The building was built in 2004.
  • Can take up to 6 people.
  • Number of rooms: 2.
    • Single: 1
Facilities for disabled people.


Within 1 km radius You will find:

Within 5 km radius You will find:
Atrakcje turystyczne Kociewia

a. Within 20 km radius You will find:
Starogard Gdaski

The standard equipment of rooms:
- TV-set - Radio - Wardrobe - Fireplace - Table - Chairs - Bathroom - Refrigerator

The standard equipment of bathrooms:
- shower - wash-basin - toilet

On the premises You can also use:
- Playground for children - Parking

Lake 55 yds
Forest 55 yds

We can speak:
- Russian - French

24 hours for one adult person without board 21.5 GBP

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